ConvergenceConvergenceThe fast-flowing glacier waters temporarily part ways, then reunite, creating nature’s perfect circle. But just as the ring of water forms, it transforms, and takes spectacular new shape as it spills over the rocks and plunges into the deep canyon far below. As if on cue, the stars emerge to complement the deep blue hues of the twilight sky and illuminate the landscape with their delicate, enchanting light. She is transfixed. The sight of the awe-inspiring scene before her, the sound of the rushing water, the scent of the pine trees, and the gentle touch of the cool mountain air on her skin all combine to completely captivate her senses. Keenly aware that this is one of nature’s finest performances, she is fully present in the moment. Truly special and hers alone, it is a moment she will forever hold on to. This is the second image in my new “In the Moment” series, a collection featuring human connection to nature in beautiful landscape settings. Further images in the series will be released soon. Only 15 limited edition artworks are available worldwide for this image. After 15 are produced, the edition will be closed and this image will no longer be available. Your artwork will arrive hand-signed and numbered by Jason. It will also be accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed and sealed by Jason and indicating the image title, limited edition number, production date, and artwork details. For format, sizing and pricing options, click on image, then Buy or Visit Shop.

Welcome to Jason Marino Photography. Jason is an internationally awarded, nationally accredited professional landscape photographer and a 2023 Canadian Photographer of the Year finalist as awarded by the Professional Photographers of Canada. Explore our collection of limited edition prints, each available in a variety of larger-format sizes and media types and delivered worldwide.