See It on Your Wall

Here are a few of my framed and canvas images on sample walls.

Want to "try before you buy" and see what one (or more) of my images would look like on YOUR wall?

  • Step 1: Email me a photo of your wall and tell me which of my images you’re interested in. It can be a single image, or a set of two or more.

  • Step 2: I’ll email you back showing you what those images will look like on your wall as a framed print and as a canvas wrap.

It's that simple, and there's no obligation.

For best results, make sure that the photo of your wall is level, not too dark, contains one or more items for scale (such as a piece of furniture, or a bit of the floor where it meets the wall), and send the largest file size/resolution you can. If you want, feel free to give me details such as a specific product, size and other options (when you select an image on my website, click Buy and you’ll see all the options). If not, I’ll put together some suggestions for you to consider.


Still Waters Run DeepStill Waters Run Deep IMG_0933IMG_0933
High BeamsHigh Beams IMG_0930IMG_0930 Go with the FlowGo with the Flow Free Fallin'Free Fallin' IMG_0927IMG_0927
Emerald MedicineEmerald Medicine IMG_0932IMG_0932 IMG_0940IMG_0940 IMG_0936IMG_0936 IMG_0931IMG_0931